Bridges Password Reset

The password reset procedure varies based on which type of user you are:


RWU User Accounts

If you have a RWU username, you will need to Enroll first (if you haven't already) and use SMOP to reset or change your password. Please click on the image below to access SMOP.



If you cannot access Bridges after using SMOP or you need additional assistance with SMOP, please contact the IT Media•Tech Desk at, (401) 254.6363, or Walk-in during University Library hours. Please include your RWU ID# in your email. For additional information on Bridges User Ids and Passwords, click here.




Non-RWU or Guest Accounts

If you do not have a RWU account and/or have logged-in to Bridges using a Non-RWU email address in the past, then use the Bridges Password Reset tool to begin the reset process:


Non-RWU or Guest Account

Password Reset



Please Note: This will only work for non-RWU or Guest accounts, this will not work for faculty, staff, or enrolled students. If you have any trouble or need assistance, please email us in Instructional Design